How Old are the Dragon Balls?

The dragon balls. The most important item in Dragon Ball. Without them, Dragon Ball would have ended a long time ago. And this is honestly the only thing that looked good in the movie Dragon Ball Evolution. But let’s not talk about that movie. What we really want to find out is how old are the dragon balls?

Today we are going to find out how old the dragon balls are.
So for this, we are just going to focus on just the Earth Dragon Balls. The Dragon Balls were created by Kami in age 470 and then they were scattered all over the earth.
A bunch of years passed and in age 650 Master Roshi finds the 3-star dragon ball when it was washed up on to the shore of this little island. By now they were 180 years old.

Then in age 749 Dragon Ball starts, the gang find all of the dragon balls and Pilaf steals them and summons Shenron. And this is when Oolong comes out of nowhere making a wish about panties to prevent Pilaf from making his wish. At the moment (because you know that they always change or add to the story) this is the first time that we see the Dragon being summoned.

Then 4 years later King Piccolo uses the dragon ball to get younger. During this time the dragon balls are 283.

Then at age 756 the World Martial Arts Tournament 23 takes place. This is the same tournament where Goku beats Piccolo and wins.
In age 761 Dragon Ball Z starts. During this time, Raditz comes to earth looking for Goku and Goku goes to the other world to train with King Kai.

Then one year later in age 762 to the Dragon Balls are 292 years old. This is when the Dragon balls are turned into stone and also after they are restored they are used to revive all of Frieza’s victims.
A few more years past and in age 767 the Androids and Cell arrive. Cell defeats the Androids and Gohan defeat Cell. They once again use the Dragon Balls to revive a bunch of people that Cell had killed. Now the dragon balls are 297 years old.

We fast forward a few more years and in the age of 774 Majin Buu appears. And that whole saga takes place like in 24 hours. They again use the Dragon Balls to revive everybody that had died since the martial arts tournament and to erase the people’s memory of Majin Buu.

Then in age 778, Dragon Ball super starts and Beerus comes to earth looking for a super Saiyan god. And he finds one. Here the Dragon Balls are 308 years old.
A year later Frieza returns and turns into gold after only training for about 4 months. Then in age 780, the Tournament of Power takes place. And here the Dragon balls are 310.
After this nobody knows what’s going to happen (at the moment) because they said that super is coming to an end with the end of the Tournament of Power, but who knows.

Then we fast forward to age 784 and this is the end of dragon ball Z. This is also when Goku leaves to train with Uub. So by the end of Dragonball Z, the Dragon Balls are 314 years old.
That’s not the craziest part. Believe it or not, the dragon balls are a lot younger than master Roshi. So now you know how old the Dragon balls are.
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