How old is Bulma?

Bulma has been around since Goku was a kid. With the years passing, Goku became like a younger brother to her. She also has a crazy temper but what we are here to find out is how old Bulma really is.

Today we are going to find out how old Bulma really is. And if you think that Bulma is the most beautiful
Dragon ball girl. Now, let’s start doing the math.

Bulma was born in age 733. A few years later in age 739 she meets Jaco for the first time. Here she was already a genius because she was just a little kid and she fixed Jaco’s spaceship. Time keeps moving and 10 years later, and age 749 dragon ball starts. By now she is 16.
During this time she goes to senior high in West city, she discovers that she has two star Dragon ball in her basement and she starts looking for the rest of them. This leads her to eventually meet Goku. From there, her adventures in Dragon Ball started.

Bulma meets Goku.

And around this time she also meets her future boyfriend Yamcha. Then a few more years pass and in age 756 the world martial arts tournament number 23 starts and she is 23.
Then we move a little bit more to age 761 and this is when Dragon Ball Z starts. Somewhere around this time is when she starts dating Yamcha. Now she is 29.

A year later she goes to Namek looking for the Namekian dragon balls and she also tricked by Ginyu and ends up in the body of a frog for a short time. Then when everything is going down on Namek, she is returned to Earth.
Then two years later, at age 764 Future Trunks arrives and sometime after this, she and Yamaha end up breaking up. This is when Vegeta makes his move and starts going out with her. 2 years later, at age 766 she becomes a mom when Trunks is born. By now she is 33.

In age 767 the Androids and Cell arrive. Sometime around here is when she marries Vegeta. We keep moving forward and in age 774 Majin Buu arrives and she is 41. Here she is also turned into chocolate by Buu. Buu is defeated and we move along to age 778. This is when Dragon Ball Super start.
Then Beerus comes to earth and Bulma is having her birthday party. The funniest thing is that she keeps telling everyone that she just turned 38, but now you know that this is a lie and she actually turned 45.
A year later she travels to the future to help in the fight with Zamasu.
And at age 780 she has her second child and the tournament of power starts.
Time keeps moving on and in age 784 for the end of Dragon Ball Z arrives. So at the end of dragon ball, Z Bulma is 51 years old.
Now if you want to see how old she was at the end of Dragon Ball GT keep reading. GT happened five years later that’s age 789.
And then in 790, all the crazy stuff happens with an Omega Shenron and at the end of this, Goku says bye to everyone and leaves. This is the last time we see Bulma. So the last time we see Bulma in Dragonball GT she is 57.
So that’s how old Bulma really is.

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